Joseph Patrick Swanson was the son of American actress Gloria Swanson. He was born on October 13, 1922, in San Francisco, California, USA. He was adopted, but there were rumors that he might be Joseph Kennedy’s illegitimate son. Still, Gloria’s book mentioned that she went through a lot of paperwork when trying to adopt him.

Personal Life and Career

Not much information about Joseph Patrick Swanson’s personal life, but he was married to Susan Evans. However, it is unclear if he had any children with her. Regarding his career, Joseph was an electrical engineer working for Bates Linear Project, based in Essex County.

His Mother

Joseph’s mother began her acting career in 1914 at 15; however, she became more popular in the 1920s. She had a great acting career, but she faced a lot of scandals and moments of bankruptcy. For her acting roles, she was nominated thrice for the Academy Awards and received other accolades, including two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

His Mother’s Romantic Relationships

Joseph’s mother was married six times but was in romantic relationships with more than seven men. At 17, she married Wallace Berry, but their union did not last long; she felt it was a mistake on the wedding day. While married to Wallace, she became pregnant but lost the pregnancy after taking some pills. Gloria filed for divorce in 2017, finalized a year later.

In 1919, Joseph’s mother married film producer and director Herbert Somborn. They had a daughter named Gloria Swanson Somborn. In 1923, Herbert filed for divorce, citing adultery; he mentioned that Gloria was cheating on him with more than ten men. Joseph’s mother then married Henri de la Falaise; she conceived but aborted the pregnancy.

Gloria had a romantic relationship with Joseph Kennedy, the father of once-American president John F. Kennedy, while married to Falaise; they divorced in 1930. She then married Michael Farmer after he threatened to expose her if she did not marry him. Other men she was married or romantically involved with are Herbert Marshall, a British actor, William Davey, and William Dufy

Joseph’s Mother’s Death

Joseph Swanson’s mother died in a New York Hospital on April 4, 1983, due to heart disease. A few family members attended her burial ceremony. Her remains were cremated and buried at an Episcopal church in New York City.

His Death

Joseph Patrick Swanson was in Danvers because of work and spent his time in a motel, where he was found dead on July 9, 1975. A housekeeper had called the previous day to see if she could clean the room, but Joseph was mumbling on the phone, and she could not get what she said. She then washed it the following day when she found him dead.

The housekeeper informed the house management, which called the police, and his body was found on the bathroom floor and taken to Hunt Memorial Hospital. His family later took the body to California, where they held a memorial service at church, and his body was cremated.