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Peterson Regional Medical Center in Kerrville, TX uses Wi-Fi as a mission critical tool as many of the medical instruments, VoIP phones, crash carts and WOW (Workstations on Wheels) are connected wirelessly. In addition Peterson uses the Aeroscout application over W-Fi to tack all of these items so they can be located immediately when needed. Peterson deployed KodaCloud’s AI managed and optimized Wi-Fi solution throughout the hospital resulting in significantly improved uptime and performance for this potentially life-saving application.

Retail Chain

Northgate Markets grocery stores and distributions centers uses Wi-Fi to scan in and out all inventory, a critical operation which has to be performed in potentially very low temperature conditions for frozen food. KodaCloud’s AI managed Wi-Fi was an ideal solution for Northgate as it has limited IT resources available to support 30 different locations.

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For many industrial and manufacturing businesses, Wi-Fi is not a nice-to-have extra but a critical resource. The advent of IoT and machine to machine communications frequently requires Wi-Fi as the connection medium. KodaCloud’s AI managed and optimized Wi-Fi provides an ideal solution, ensuring the best QoE (Quality of Experience) for all types of devices connected to the Wi-Fi at all times, freeing the businesses IT department to focus on value added applications and services for the business rather than spending those resources managing and trouble shooting the network.

Multi-location Business

With more than 500 locations across the United States, EmployBridge had a significant problem managing different Wi-Fi networks in each location. With KodaCloud they quickly realized the benefit of a single login and management platform for all locations simultaneously. In addition the AI now resolves the vast majority of Wi-Fi problems previously experienced by users without the need for EmployBridge’s IT resources.

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  • 24/7 service assists IT department around the clock.
  • Intuitive visualization of current and historical device QoE state for each location
  • Cloud based – easy to deploy, easy to use, pay as you go.
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