Edna Stillwell Skelton was famous thanks to her ex-husband Red Skelton, an American entertainer. She was born on May 25, 1915, to George Stillwell and Dollie Belle Tarwater; she had three siblings Orville George Stillwell, Ethel, and Frances Stillwell.

How Edna Met Red Skelton

Edna Stillwell Skelton met Red Skelton for the first when she was 16 in Kansas City. Edna worked as an usherette at Loew’s, and when Red asked to walk her home, she declined. The following day he tried, but they could not ignite a close relationship. The next time the two met was in a walkathon event where Edna was participating; they kickstarted their relationship then, and a year later, they were married.

Personal Life

Edna Stillwell Skelton was 17 when she married entertainer Richard Red Skelton on June 1, 1932. After spending ten years together, Edna Skelton told Richard he would divorce him, but he did not know if she was serious. In 1943, the couple divorced, but the reasons for their separation were never made public. Despite their split, they continued being friends


Edna Stillwell Skelton was a television writer. She started working at the age of 16 as an usherette. After marrying Red Skelton, she started writing material for him since he had run out of content. Though at first Red thought the material was not funny, it got his audience laughing. While writing Avalon Time, Edna joined the cast as an actress but for some time.

Edna separated from Red Skelton in 1943, but she continued working with him as a writer and manager despite that. She even managed his accounts because he was a reckless spender. Edna stopped to work for Red Skelton in 1952, but she continued to receive a monthly payment until her death.

Edna’s ex-husband had a great career on both radio and television. He had comedic skills since he was ten years old, and he used them to his full potential later in life. For his great work on television and radio, Red Skelton has stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Life After Divorce

After divorcing Richard Red Skelton, Edna met Frank Borzage, who he married in 1945 but then divorced almost four years later, citing mental cruelties. Edna’s third marriage was to Leon George Pound in 1963, but then he died after staying together for 13 years. On the other hand, after the divorce, Red Skelton started dating actress Muriel Morris

Edna’s ex-husband and Muriel Morris were engaged in 1944 and were ready to marry each other. They had also obtained the marriage license, but Muriel canceled the wedding, saying she did not want to marry him but rather a wealthy businessman. Some people insinuated that she probably said no because Edna was often around.

After his relationship with Muriel Morris ended, Edna’s ex-husband started dating actress Georgia Davis. They married in 1945; they had two children together; a son named Richard and a daughter named Valentina.


Edna Stillwell Skelton died on November 15, 1982, in Los Angeles, California, aged 67, due to cancer. Her remains were interred at Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles.