Joshua Mackenzie Hanson is the brother of the Hanson band, co-founding members Taylor Hanson, Zac Hanson, and Isaac Hanson. He was born on January 7, 1994, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, to Walker and Diana Hanson. Besides his three musician-brothers, he has three sisters, Avery, Zoe, and Jessica Hanson.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Joshua Mackenzie Hanson is married to the love of his life, Nicole Stark. After dating for a while, the couple exchanged their wedding vowed in August 2020. Joshua and his wife Nicole have one child together, a son, Elliot Harvest Stark. Elliot was born on September 2020.


Joshua Mackenzie Hanson is very talented; he is a singer and film director. As a singer, he has a band called Joshua and The Holy Rollers, with whom he performs in clubs and events. Besides music, Joshua also worked as a film director and producer in the film industry. However, he turned to his passion, music, which he does full-time.

His Music Journey

Growing up, Joshua Mackenzie Hanson never wanted to make music; he did not want to be like his brothers but rather forge his career path. He felt people would say he used his brothers’ influence to make it in the music industry. However, something kept drawing him to music, Joshua has a great voice, and people advised him to use it.

Joshua Mackenzie Hanson moved away from his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Los Angeles to find his way in the film industry. He had already attended college, where he studied video production, English, and cinematography. After working in the film industry for some time, he decided to pursue a music career because it was his passion.

Joshua tried music alone, but things never worked; he was struggling and thought of reaching out to his brothers for help. And with the help of his eldest brother, Joshua was able to record and release his first song, Hey, Hey. The song was inspired by the experience he had with a girl.

So far, Joshua and his band have released several songs, including Our Friends, What You Need, Humble Pie, and Greener Pastures. You can find their music on YouTube and their website.

About His Brothers and Their Band

Joshua’s older brothers started their band in 1992 and have been in the game for over 30 years. Despite starting with many misfits and discouragements, they stayed in the music industry until they became the band they are today. The band was in the spotlight in 2020 when one of the Hanson brothers’ Pinterest accounts leaked; it had racist, sexist, and homophobic memes and the public was not happy.

The Hanson band has had a lot of controversies but has always come to the public and apologized to them.

Social Media

Joshua Mackenzie Hanson fancies a social media presence, and as a musician, he has to use all the platforms for marketing his music and his brand, including social media. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram. Joshua’s Instagram handle is @mrjmachanson, and he likes posting pictures of himself and his family.