Ode Mountain DeLorenzo Malone is a celebrity kid known thanks to his mother, Jena Malone, an American actress. His father is Ethan DeLorenzo, who was his mother’s boyfriend until they separated in 2019. When Ode Mountain DeLorenzo Malone was born in 2016, his mother posted a picture of him, her boyfriend, and her on Instagram, saying how great the weekend had been for them.

Since they separated, Ode’s parents are co-parenting; he sometimes spends time with his father, Ethan, but most of the time, he is with his mother, though she is a busy woman, given the demands of her acting career.

His Parents

Ode’s parents met in 2015; it did not take long before starting to date. A year later in they welcomed their first child together. Despite their age difference, they were deeply in love; Ode’s mother is eight years older than Ethan DeLorenzo. Ethan and Jena engaged in September 2016, and it was a pretty remarkable journey for almost three years until they separated in February 2019.

Since Ode’s parents’ separation in 2019, his mother has been dating Alex Ebert, a musician. On the other hand, little is public about Ethan’s romantic life, and it is unclear if he married someone. In 2022, Ode Mountain DeLorenzo Malone’s mother came out saying she is pansexual, and it is unclear if her partner Alex Ebert was okay with it.

About Ode’s Mother’s Career

Jena Malone got inspiration from her mother, who performed in local theatres to pursue an acting career. She moved from Sparks, Nevada, to Los Angeles to look for acting roles as a child. Ode’s mother auditioned for several projects before landing her first acting role. She even appeared in Michael Jackson’s music video, Childhood, in 1995.

Ode’s mother made her film debut in 1996 when she portrayed Ruth Anne Boatwright in Bastard Out of California. Jena received acclaim for her performance in the film, and more acting roles started coming. In 1997 Ode’s mother was nominated for Best Debut Performance in the Independent Spirit Awards.

The following year, Ode’s mother appeared in the movie Hope, and she got a Golden Globe Award nomination. In the years that followed, Jena Malone appeared in more films and television shows, including Cheaters, Contact, Corn, The Public, Too Old To Die, Young, Dakota, Goliath, and Robot Chicken.

Jena has also appeared in music videos; in 2010, she appeared in musician Harper Simon’s music video, Berkeley Girl. From 2011 to 2014, she appeared in 12 music videos by different musical artists.

What is the Net Worth of Ode’s Mother?

Ode’s mother has worked in the entertainment industry as an actor, music producer, director, and singer for a long time. She has made a good fortune throughout that time, with an estimated net worth of approximately 4 million dollars.

Social Media

Ode Mountain DeLorenzo Malone is too young for social media, but his parents are on social media. For instance, his mother is active on Instagram, where she shares pictures of her personal life for her fans to have their say and see what is going on in her life.