Is there season four of Rust Bros is a common question among car fans and people following the documentary. This article will shed light on the issue.

The Rust Valley Restorers is a documentary about what Mike Hall and his Rust Bros crew are doing to cars in their junkyard to transform them into driveable vehicles. The setting of the documentary series is the South Shuswap area in British Columbia, and the yard has over 400 cars.

The Series Cast

Rust Bros Season 4 has Mike Hall as the main cast. The others are Avery Shoaf, his friend, and his son Connor Charman-Hall. Mike Hall is the owner of Rust Bros and has a collection of over 400 cars that he wants to turn from junk to vehicles that can be driven. He tries to do this to make a profit before he runs out of time.

Mike’s son Connor, has a passion just like his father, and he is featured in the documentary as a mechanic who helps his father make the best out of his collection. Avery is Mike’s right-hand man and works as the lead mechanic at the garage. Avery also comes in handy when negotiating car deals. Rust Bros has other cast members who have their roles but may have little to do in season 4 of Rust Bros.

What Happens in Rust Bros Season 4?

At the beginning of season 4, Mike Hall and his confidant Avery find an abandoned Volkswagen, but the police threatened him to return it; Mike is not comfortable with that as he feels he would be unable to achieve his ambitions. The authorities visit Avery’s property while Mike struggles to sell cars. Mike is also in search of a new place to stay.

In the fourth episode of Rust Bros Season 4, Mike finds someone to help with one of the cars while planning to auction some of his cars. Mike manages to sell four cars at an action while his son Connor ties the knot with the love of his life. In episode six, a forest fire ravages Mike’s neighbor’s cars, and he, in turn, hoards a lot of fuel in case the need arises for him to save his cars.

A new painter comes in episode seven and tries to repaint a Chevelle Malibu to see if it call sells and, of course, with good money.

What Happens at the End of Rust Bros Season 4?

Season 4 of Rust Bros was a nightmare for Mike Hall and his crew because the police were occasionally on his radar. Forest fires also threatened his car collection, and he had to prepare himself for anything. Despite the challenges, he also managed to sell some cars, and his son married.

Mike’s final event in the show has a lot of setbacks, and he has to make financial gambles on his car collection.

Regarding another season of Rust Bros, it has not been made public whether season five will be released. As of now, Rust Bros season 4 is the last.