Trudy Carson Sales is an actress and a dancer, but she has remained famous thanks to her late husband, Soupy Sales. Her husband, Soupy Sales, was an American actor, comedian, and television-radio personality known for hosting the television show Lunch with Soupy Sales. The two met while Trudy performed as a dancer on The Ed Sullivan show.

Personal Life

Trudy Carson Sales married Soupy Sales in 1980 after they met while performing on a show. The couple remained married for nearly three decades until Soupy’s death in 2009. During their long union together, they were not blessed with any children. So little is known about Trudy Carson’s earlier love life, and it is unclear if she had been married or had any children.


Trudy Carson Sales was an actress and dancer during her peak years. However, she preferred dancing and hoped to dance in her old age. She was involved in some films, including Gypsy in My Soul, Jackie Gleason’s American Magazine, and All That Jazz. As a dancer, she was part of The June Taylor Dancers and performed with the group on several shows before getting married.

Trudy was also involved as a dancer in some Broadway plays, including Follies. She was also the custodian of the 22ND Annual Tony Awards in 1968.

Her Husband

Trudy Carson’s husband studied at Huntington high school before joining the US Army in World War II. While in the army, he kept telling jokes before starting his professional career as a comedian. After the military, Soupy joined Marshall University to study journalism while performing as a dancer and comedian in nightclubs.

After Marshall, Soupy started working at a radio station in Huntington before moving to Cincinnati. A few years later, he was already hosting a children’s show, Lunch with Soupy Sales; he also hosted The New Soapy Sales Show: Los Angeles, where he used several puppets. As an actor, Trudy Carson’s husband appeared in This Train, The Innocent and the Damned, The Two Little Bears, and Angels with Angles.

Death of Her Husband

Trudy Carson’s husband had been battling cancer for some time and was being managed at Calvary Hospice, New York, by his death. He died at the hospice on October 22, 2009, aged 83 years, and he was survived by his two sons Hunt and Tony Sales, and his wife, Trudy Carson Sales.

Soupy Sales’s body was interred in Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla, New York City, United States.

Life After the Death of Her Husband

Upon the death of her husband, Trudy Carson continued managing his estate with some help from Janet Oseroff, Soupy Sales’ manager. Trudy has been living comfortably with whatever proceeds he left to her name. Trudy and Janet licensed reruns of her husband’s shows in 2011 and 2013 to be aired on different television networks.

In her personal life, it is unclear if she remarried or she stayed single, enjoying her later years all by herself. However, she had knee replacement surgery, and she was very thankful to her orthopedic surgeon for the successful operation.