American professional wrestler Terry James Gordy was a part of the Fabulous Freebirds. When he worked for the International Wrestling Association of Japan (IWAJ) company, he also went by the name Bam. On August 24, 1954, he was born in Detroit, Michigan. His mother is Hazel Gordy, while his father is American businessman Berry Gordy Jr. Continue reading this article to know more about this celebrity and his successful career.

Professional Career of Terry James Gordy

He’s a former professional wrestler from the United States. He gained notoriety primarily after his 2005–2010 World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) appearances. At the 1992 “In Your House pay-per-view,” Gordy made his television debut in professional wrestling. He tampered with the contest in his debut match, which was against The Undertaker. He was, however, buried and beaten by Mankind in a wrestling match.

Education of Terry James Gordy

We don’t have any details about terry James Gordy’s educational background. He must be a successful man in his field of interest; however, we can’t say anything without getting the correct information. Stay connected with us to receive more information in the future.

Relationships of Terry James Gordy

He has three children with Connie Gordy, his long-time wife. We don’t have more details about his love life since he always maintained a low profile about his personal life.

Death of His Brother

Gordy was a former city commissioner and a real estate broker in Las Animas, Colorado, in the middle of the 1950s. He returned to professional wrestling after the death of his brother and took home the UWF Heavyweight Title. Afterwards, he performed as Richard Slinger in All Japan Pro Wrestling. He and Williams defeated The Undertaker in a feud after winning the WCW World Tag Team championship in 1992.


Gordy competed professionally for several years in the NWA before leaving the WWE. He won numerous championships and, in his later years, worked for Smokey Mountain Wrestling. He was a respected wrestler in his community despite not having to become an accomplished one.

Member of the Fabulous Freebirds

Gordy was a member of the Fabulous Freebirds in the World Wrestling Federation. Later, under the name “The Executioner,” he joined the WWF, under Paul Bearer’s management. He frequently made appearances with his family and used a large axe and a mask to battle his opponents. Terry James and Grace Easton divorced during this period.

Net Worth of Terry Gordy

Terry Gordy has achieved great fame and success. This is the statistics if you’re one of those looking for Terry Gordy’s net worth. Terry Gordy’s net worth is said to be $5 million, according to some reports.


In 1994, Gordy left the IWF after a successful run in the NWA and then teamed up with Uriel Jones to capture the WCW tag team championships. He eventually left the WWE and became a star in the WWF. In the same game, Jimi Hennessy took his position, and the team’s victory earned him a championship.