Our Story

A small team had a big idea to combine developments in Cloud, Big Data and Machine Learning with Wireless LANs. After selling BelAir Networks to Ericsson, Bernard Herscovici (CEO and founder) began thinking about his next project. After backing Bernard at BelAir, Comcast Ventures wanted to be a part of the next big thing and brought Bernard on as an Entrepreneur in Residence. They quickly realized the new business required a new set of experts: Cloud, Big Data and Machine Learning together with Wireless LAN.

Bernard brought together Hubert Jin and Sergey Plotnikov, two talented engineering leads from BelAir Networks – to build a foundation of wireless expertise. The team then added people with proven experiences in developing large Cloud Systems to control real-time networks, Cloud, Big Data and Machine Learning with talents from Bridgewater and Amdocs. Hubert Sugeng was the manager of the founding engineering team, Yong Li the architect and Dmitry Toptygin as the application developer. Together, this group of six formed the founding team at KodaCloud (formerly known as Art2Wave).

Through years of experience working with top tier Service Providers and their Enterprise customers, the team was acutely aware of the issues in managing numerous optimization algorithms, that relied on anywhere from 5-90 different fixed configuration parameters. All wrapped around the complexity introduced by users, devices, locations and applications. The team realized how difficult it would be for Enterprise & SMB IT to take on the task of adjusting algorithm parameters in real-time, to truly optimize a Wi-Fi network for the best user experience. Anytime, everywhere. This ultimately led to the vision of a fully automated, self-learning and self-healing Wi-Fi network that delivers tangible outcomes for IT – with more services to come.


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