KodaCloud’s Technology is Portable to OEM Wi-Fi Access Points and other Network Elements

KodaCloud’s Technology is Fully Portable to OEMs

  • KodaCloud’s AI and ML can significantly improve the end user and IoT devices QoE (Quality of Experience)
  • The AI effectively and efficiently replaces a portion of your customer’s Tier 1/2 support, reducing their support costs

KodaCloud’s Technology includes the KodaCloud Cloud Framework together with an embedded software agent, and the KodaCloud eNOC for enhanced QoE.

KodaCloud OEM Framework includes:

  • NMS Portals includes three levels or hierarchy e.g. for the customer, MSP and vendor – each with own security, privileges, capabilities
  • Smartphone app for customer, MSP to monitor KPIs
  • Configuration / Configuration Profiles
  • Device profiling
  • Voice / Video aware
  • Location hierarchy
  • Alarms and notifications
  • Cloud driven SW Upgrade of network elements
  • History of events for troubleshooting
  • Wi-Fi controller features (RRM / Client steering / etc.)
  • Synthetic Client for LAN services probing
  • Rules Engine for automation of support and control
  • Machine learning for various elements which could require ML

KodaCloud’s eNOC Technology includes:

  • Device QoE
    • The Cloud inspects and assesses the QoE of all devices in real time
    • Across network elements and network services
    • When the defined QoE falls below an acceptable threshold, it automatically triggers analysis / diagnosis / recommendation / optimization
  • Network Health
    • The Cloud continuously inspects and assesses network alarms, and correlates with Device QoE
  • Advanced Alarming and Troubleshooting
    • All network services (such as DHCP, DNS, Radius) are proactively monitored for performance and alarmed
    • When an IT person needs to perform advanced troubleshooting, detailed historical information can be accessed to reproduce the issue

Why partner with KodaCloud?

  • Proven technology developed over four years
  • 19 Patents on AI driven networking
  • Successful, referenceable partnerships

Contact us at oem@kodacloud.com and we’ll schedule a call and demo with our business development and engineering teams.

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