Technical Details of eNOC QoE Capabilities

Technical Details of eNOC QoE Capabilities

The eNoc provides advanced WLAN End User Quality of Experience (QoE) current and historical trend monitoring and alarming. Per user QoE analysis includes deviation from expected AP-Device RF link traffic rate performance levels, anomalies in device network attachment behavior, security/LAN related device authorization abnormalities. The ENOC will automatically provide root cause analysis for any end user impacting QoE issues and formulate mitigation recommendations. Under eNOC user control, automated QoE WLAN equipment configuration improvements will be triggered based on the QoE RCA data from specific sites.

The QoE Intelligent Analytics Capabilities:

  • Intuitive visualization of current and historical device QoE state for each location.
  • Historical recording of all device KPIs and WLAN attachment events for each location.
  • Auto-correlation of KPIs grouped in common device QoE root causes.
  • Analysis of actual 802.11 physical layer data rates behavior for each device. Deviation from expected values given measured site RF parameters.
  • Analysis of Device and AP rate adaption abnormalities causing spread of data rate selection.
  • Analysis of Wi-Fi frame integrity failure and impact on actual available traffic capacity to each client devices at any given time.
  • Analysis of dynamic sharing of channels by the onsite devices, neighbor WLAN networks and non-WiFi devices.
  • Analysis of coverage issues affecting end users.
  • Analysis of temporal noise impairments affecting end users.
  • Analysis of hidden node situation causing client link impairments.
  • Analysis of authentication failures and specific WiFi capabilities mismatch.
  • Misalignment of device firmware baseline.


  • Restart of specific APs or radios.
  • Re-configuration of WLAN IP networking servers.
  • Capacity increase with specific location AP addition and/or traffic rate, load balancing setting changes.
  • Adjustment of WLAN controllers RRM parameters.
  • Band specific configuration optimization.
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