KodaCloud introduces new eNOC service using its award-winning AI to manage and optimize existing Wi-Fi Access Points

KodaCloud’s eNOC provides AI based automation to IT departments operating mission critical networks for IoT devices and applications.

  • eNOC assists IT departments in mission critical sectors such as health care, industrials, Oil & Gas, IoT with complex, remote or multi-vendor network elements
  • eNOC provides 24/7 proactive monitoring, detection, diagnostics and mitigation of Quality of Experience, Network Health and offers advanced diagnostics tools with historical event data
  • eNOC is an autonomous service operating at machine speed, assisting IT departments with the operation of critical networks

The KodaCloud eNOC web portal gives you insightful visibility of all AI driven IT automation features


  • Maintain visibility into the health and activities on your network
  • Per device, Network Element and Location QoE assessments
  • Intelligent profiles associate QoE performance targets to specific device classes (IOT, Mobile, etc.)
  • Flexible allocation of different QoE profiles per location
  • The mobile dashboard keeps you apprised of activities on your network, keep track of all your users and monitor WLAN usage
  • Get a snapshot of your critical RF parameters
  • Smart notifications, reports and alarms rapidly pinpoints QoE issues for specific locations, equipment types


  • Drill into details of your WLAN performance
  • Detailed root cause analysis of performance degradation at all OSI layers (RF medium, MAC layer, IP services)
  • Historical per device advanced troubleshooting of events and QoE metrics
  • Per Device advanced monitoring of usage, fingerprinting and protocol behavior
  • Predicts available network capacity per device ahead of time
  • Drill into and respond to AI generated alerts
  • Quickly zone into coverage holes or performance degrading factors


  • View automated action & productivity reports


  • Resolve critical issues with actionable AI generated insights
  • No more collecting debugs or logs!

Optional with eNOCPlus

  • Open a trouble ticket anywhere, anytime
  • Instantly connect with KodaCloud’s RF experts
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