Born on January 21, 1991, Gloria Mills Chapman is a celebrity child who is famous as the daughter of American singer Amy Grant. Her father is the musician and former talk show host Gary Chapman. Since she belongs to a celebrity family, she has become the center of attention in the Chapman family. Would you like to learn more about her private and professional life? Continue reading this article to get an insight into it.

Professional Career of Gloria Mills Chapman

Although she is very active on social media, she has remained silent about her profession. She has tried singing at one point with her mother; nevertheless, she hasn’t decided to pursue a career in music. Therefore, Gloria’s professional history is unclear.

Education of Gloria Mills Chapman

We don’t have any information about her educational background since she is secretive about her personal life. We’ll try to find details about her educational background, and if we get to know something, we’ll add more information here.

Married Life of Gloria Mills Chapman

Gloria Mills married Ben Long, her soulmate, on April 27, 2019. Her wedding, which was full of memorable events, was held at Immanuel Baptist Church, and the reception was held at the large estate in Nashville that her paternal grandmother owns. The couple is loyal to one another and have a daughter they named Penelope.

Net Worth of Gloria Mills Chapman

Since Gloria’s profession is unclear, it is difficult to determine her net worth. However, her parents, who have had successful musical careers, have accumulated a sizable fortune. Her mother’s net worth is roughly 55 million dollars, whereas her father’s net worth is $5 million.

Some Facts About Gloria Mills Chapman

Gloria donated her kidney to Kathryn Dudley, who had been her best friend for life. They have fully recovered and are in excellent health thanks to a successful surgery. Gloria Mills’s father discussed this in a post on his social media pages, highlighting how she was the ideal donor and her enthusiasm to do so.

Family of Gloria Mills Chapman

Gloria Mills Chapman’s father played in bands in high school and college because he had a true passion for music. Gary Chapman joined The Rambos as a guitarist after graduating from college and relocating to Nashville. He was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album, one of his many musical accomplishments. He hosted the Prime-Time Country chat show as a television host.

On the other side, Gloria’s mother, who began her music career in the contemporary Christian genre before transitioning to pop music, is referred to by most of Gloria’s followers as The Queen of Christian Pop. She has an exceptional career and has earned more than 20 Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association and six Grammy Awards.


Gloria Mills is a selfless and kind person who enjoys her life away from stardom and loves spending time with her family and friends. After donating her kidney to her friend, she has inspired others and taught us the true meaning of friendship.