You take your wireless security seriously.
So do we.



Protecting your network and data is always going to be one of our highest priorities. KodaCloud has implemented a comprehensive security architecture so you can rest easy.



End-to-End Wireless Network Security

User Generated Data and Content

  • All user generated data, usernames, passwords, authentication credentials, etc. remain within a customers local network.

Access Point, Platform & System Components

  • All communication between Access Points and the cloud is protected by secure HTTP mutual authentication.
  • KodaCloud services are deployed inside a Virtual Private Cloud provided by Amazon Web Services. See
  • Each component of the KodaCloud system has isolated permissions. Access is enforced by Amazon’s IAM service. See
  • Only authorized KodaCloud developers and Network Operations Center (NOC) experts have comprehensive access to the system via revocable roles and policies.
  • The KodaCloud portal does not use any unsecured HTTP sessions or cookies; this ensures web sessions are never compromised.

Web Services and APIs

  • Only a thin layer of web services is available externally, and any access is protected by secure HTTP with authentication securely executed by digitally signed key pairs.
  • All APIs enforce per-client data isolation, and data ownership checks are performed for any customer-accessible API call.
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