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Hardware, refreshes, proactive administration, analytics, mobile apps, support and a 24×7 NOC for escalations are all included for a low monthly price. It’s the smartest solution with the best TCO in the industry.

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More than Cloud Management

KodaCloud goes beyond fast deployment and simplified administration. Because your high-density wireless environment changes minute by minute, our technology continuously adapts your network for the right balance between coverage and capacity. We use AI to automate administration, provide rich visibility and reduce the burden of operations management.

Access Point

Access Point

Our Access Points are built for capacity, performance and security. Plus, we automatically refresh the APs as technology changes. It’s all part of the subscription.

Visibility and Control

Visibility and Control

You have real-time visibility into the corrections and performance optimizations taken by the AI system. You retain control of the network parameters (e.g., RF, DHCP and DNS) and can override the pre-set AI rules at any time.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The AI system captures critical health KPIs and tweaks configurations according to hundreds of pre-set rules. The system also learns your local environment and incorporates global learnings to adjust the rules over time.


A KodaCloud enterprise Wi-Fi solution will:

  • Self-correct without human intervention
  • Continually optimize itself using local and global learnings
  • Escalate to our 24x7 NOC for issues not auto-corrected
  • Generate alerts for DHCP, DNS and Radius issues

The intelligent Access Point with an agent software layer

Always have access to the health of your network

A complete system that starts with an Access Point and ends with an intelligent Wi-Fi network

Maintain visibility into the activities on your network

See how the system automatically identifies and corrects issues

Artificial Intelligence Driven Cloud Service

Enterprise Access Points with Configuration Management Tools are Smart. But, KodaCloud Technology is Genius.


The KodaCloud system was developed from the ground up in order to create a fully automated system that would take on the characteristics of human intelligence.

Access Point

It all begins with an Enterprise-grade Access Point. But, it’s much more than that. The KodaCloud APs have an embedded software layer that monitors and collects real-time KPIs from your network.

KodaCloud APs are enterprise-grade and give you the features you’d expect.

KodaCloud APs are enterprise-grade and give you the features you’d expect.

2×2 802.11ac
867Mbps in 5Ghz
300 Mbps in 2.4 Ghz
802.3af full PoE
GigE port
100+ clients/AP

KodaCloud APs are enterprise-grade and give you the features you’d expect.

2×2 802.11ac
867Mbps in 5Ghz
600 Mbps in 2.4 Ghz
802.3af full PoE
GigE port
100+ clients/AP

The Agent Software on the Access Points provides monitoring and control. It captures the critical health KPIs. These feed the AI tools to analyze every trend. Then, the system takes action to ensure an extraordinary mobile user experience.

RF Optimization

We ensure that an SSID runs on 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz radios and keeps a device on the radio that offers the best experience. The AI system also achieves proactive bandwidth management throttling bandwidth per wireless device.

Automated Cell Size Optimization

Our Access Points communicate with each other to determine the appropriate power to provide optimal cell size and coverage. Traditional systems have “set it and forget it” parameters with basic adjustments.

Automated Channel Planning

Our Access Points will select the channels that offer the highest capacity. We consider self-inflicted channel interference, channel interference from other APs, and the overall channel capacity available.

Best AP Selection

When a user moves around your network, their device is transferred to an AP that can serve them best.

Cloud AI System

With Artificial Intelligence and Big Data infrastructure, the KodaCloud system can capture real-time KPIs, analyze trends at machine speed, and make adjustments without human intervention.

Expert System

The “rules enforcer” of the AI System

The entire AI system learns your environment and optimizes performance in real-time. The Expert System makes decisions regarding which parameters to tune, based on patterns fed by the learning module. The Expert System also creates Client Behavior Profiles, and uses fingerprinting to tailor Device-to-Access Point interactions.

Analytics Engine

Identifies trends and classifies issues

The system regularly identifies trends in Wi-Fi demands to inform the Expert System on how to continually optimize your WLAN environment. It diagnoses and classifies issues so that the Expert System self-corrects based on the rules. You get the human intelligence of a L1/L2 support engineer at machine speed.

Machine Learning Engine

The “brains” that adjust rules over time

The system learns your unique local environment and gathers data from the KodaCloud global network. These discoveries are used to inform and adjust the rules over time. Now, the system will optimize your Wi-Fi network to the environment, even as the environment changes.


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Proactive Troubleshooting

The KodaCloud AI-driven WLAN system automatically corrects over 90% of identified issues. In the event it is unable to resolve an issue, it is escalated to our 24×7 NOC and addressed by our network engineers.

Our Big Data platform is based on an intelligent and secure data collection architecture that enables event-driven, periodic and on-demand data collection, where each data element can be individually programmed and controlled.

Cloud Architect

The machine-learning system relies on this smart data architecture to learn, adapt, and refine its learning models by controlling the type, frequency, timing and granularity of data collection.

Senior Data Scientist

The Machine Learning engine forms the “brain” of our intelligent system by creating and continually improving the model of WLAN, including users, devices and other RF parameters.

Machine Learning Specialist

Apart from controlling various WLAN algorithms, the ML engine interacts with our connectivity and performance analytics to implement rules that detects real-world problems with a human-like intelligence, but automatically corrects those problems at machine-speed even before they become user-observable.

WLAN Solutions Engineer

The KodaCloud web portal and mobile app give you insightful visibility and control


Maintain visibility into the health and activities on your network


Manage Access Points and edit security & WLAN configurations


View automated action & productivity reports


The mobile dashboard keeps you apprised of activities on your network

  • Keep track of all your users and monitor WLAN usage
  • Add or remove APs, and view which devices are associated to APs
  • Get a snapshot of your critical RF parameters


Drill into details of your WLAN performance

  • View upstream and downstream speeds by user
  • Drill into and respond to AI generated alerts
  • Quickly zone into coverage holes or performance degrading factors


Open a trouble ticket anywhere, anytime

  • Instantly connect with KodaCloud’s RF experts
  • Resolve critical issues with actionable AI generated insights
  • No more collecting debugs or logs!
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