A teenage boy named Belford Ramirez Garcia was born in Puerto Rico, United States, on December 22, 1987. Belford A young teenager named Rafael Ramirez Garcia, age 19, lived in Cabo Rojo, a community in Puerto Rico. Because of the terrible injury to his neck, he passed away right away. Garcia was the grandson and son of two Caborojeno businessmen with the same name; one was retired and the other worked as a doctor.

Caborojeno entrepreneurs’s grandson belford ramirez garcia education and career

Belford Ramirez Garcia is the grandson of Caborojeno entrepreneurs who have been instrumental in shaping the business landscape of the town. Being part of an entrepreneurial family, Belford was exposed to the ins and outs of running a business at a young age. He learned the value of hard work, discipline, and dedication to achieve success.

Education was always a top priority for Belford, and he was enrolled in prestigious schools throughout his academic journey. He completed his primary education at the local school in Caborojeno, and then moved to the capital city of Puerto Rico for his secondary education. Belford went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Puerto Rico, followed by a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from Babson College in Massachusetts.

The Murder of Belford

According to the investigation, the horrific occurrence took place as Belford and a close friend (females included) were eating at a fast food restaurant in Mayaguez’s Barcelona neighborhood. Some men were making inappropriate comments to girls at the time.

Garcia was challenged to a fight in a parking lot by one of the boys immediately after he finished eating on Sunday morning before 3:00. And at that moment, one of the guys hit him in the neck with a sharp knife. They left him lifeless on the ground and sped away in their speedboat. He was violently sliced in the neck, and excessive bleeding caused him to pass away.

Agent Oscar Vargas and Sergeant Joel Gonzalez of the Homicide Unit caught the murder of Belford Garcia on camera. The friends of Garcia found it simpler to figure out who killed their comrade. On a Sunday afternoon, a suspect was captured as a result of this.

The notoriously known as “Rafy the barber,” Soto Roman, the accused murderer, went by this moniker. He was a resident of Mayaguez’s Rio Hondo district and was thirty-three years old. Soto Roman, the defendant, was sentenced to federal probation for cocaine trafficking.

At the Mayaguez shopping complex, he was a barber. He was the one who slashed Garcia’s neck during a fight, causing him to bleed to death close to a fast food restaurant. Prosecutor Jose Giraud brought charges against Soto Roman after finding him responsible for the violent killing of Belford Garcia. He was detained on suspicion of first-degree murder and breaking the Arms Law.

Wrapping Up

Belford Every single individual who knew Rafael Ramrez Garcia adored him. But he is no longer in this lovely planet as a result of some sociopathy and psychopathy. Every day, his family misses him. The United States’ 18th of March 2007 saw his death in Puerto Rico. Belford is buried in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico’s Los Robles Memorial Park.