As a fan, you may ask what happens in season three of 1000 Pound Sisters. This article will answer your question and recap what happened in season two of the reality show.

The 1000 Pound Sisters reality show follows the lives of two sisters trying to lose weight and at least have a turnaround with their lives. The journey in trying to lose weight is not easy as they face many challenges.

The Ending of Season 2

The 1000 Pound Sisters season 2 ends whereby Tammy is just recovering from the coronavirus, and then she meets Gage, who she likes, and they start their romance. Amy advised Tammy to work on her weight, and maybe things could work out with her boyfriend. On the other hand, Amy was trying to find her way with her new kid with her husband, Michael Halterman.

What Happens in Season 3 of 1000 Pounds Sisters?

In season three, Tammy’s weight issues are taking a toll on her, and she has to decide. She goes to rehab; however, Amy is living the life she always wanted, but not for long. Their older brother Chris has to undergo emergency surgery.

In episode two of season 3, Tammy returns from rehab and tries comparing her weight with her older brother, who thought he had gained more weight, but he is shocked when they step on the weighing scale.

Amy’s Issues in Season Three

After giving birth to her firstborn son Gage, Amy is overjoyed, but then her joy is short-lived since she has to work on her weight loss and also needs to be fed, meaning she has to eat more. Amy is also concerned about her sister’s choice of a partner, and she feels that he is not helping her since he is driving Tammy further away from her weight-losing goals.

Tammy’s Weight Loss Struggles and Love Interest

Amy and her brother Chris are concerned with Tammy’s weight, and they feel that her lover is not helping, so they confront Tammy about it. Amy also thinks that Tammy’s nurse is not doing her job right. While Tammy is struggling with weight, her brother Chris checks his weight on the weighing machine and could be on bariatric surgery.

Tammy starts seeing a new therapist, but nothing changes in her weight. Her family plans a birthday for her, but later they start worrying about her mobility. Tammy starts partying and seems not to care about her weight gain.

How Does 1000 Pound Sisters Season 3 End?

At the end of season 3, Amy has to see a pediatrician who sheds some light on her son’s diet, but it is not good news. On the other hand, Tammy is confronted through a phone call about weight contributing to her partying lifestyle. When Tammy is on a road trip with her brother Chris, her weight significantly risks her health.

Tammy has to work on her weight before the start of season four, but it keeps going up and down.