We are proud to introduce eNOC to the marketplace, a powerful add-on service to KodaCloud’s current Wi-Fi as a service offering that enables customers to subscribe to the company’s award-winning service without needing to change their existing hardware. eNOC provides unmatched IT assistance where Wi-Fi is mission critical, industries such as health care, industrials, oil & gas, and IoT with complex, remote or multi-vendor network elements.

The capabilities of eNOC are substantial: the service delivers proactive networking with monitoring, detection, self-optimization, mitigations and recommendations to deliver industry leading performance and lower operating costs. Our new patented technology leverages AI to monitor in real time, all interactions with devices attached to every Wi-Fi access point. eNOC will gather data and thoroughly analyze, determine the root cause of errors and make changes to optimize the end user or device performance.

The AI capability of eNOC also allows a customer’s network to essentially “learn” the unique environment for each access point by incorporating machine learning to proactively improve service levels, adjust thresholds automatically, and provide detailed historical data, thereby eliminating the need to recreate problems in order to find the root cause of any problem.

Learn more about KodaCloud’s eNOC, and the distinct value it provides IT departments operating mission critical networks for IoT, devices and applications here.


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