Today, KodaCloud introduced an exciting new addition to our award winning Wi-Fi as a Cloud Service offering, to address the needs of the hospitality, industrial, retail and warehousing markets. We are proudly announcing availability of 802.11ac Outdoor Access Points (OAP) for our North American customers, and are thrilled to bring this innovation to market through our MSP partners. Our OAP will be available as a monthly subscription service, much like our indoor AP’s. Again, no CAPEX or inventory to worry about, and in true service fashion, we’ll continue to offer no-cost SW and HW upgrades as necessary. Let’s just say, we’re throwing the legacy CAPEX Wi-Fi model “out-the-door”. Details of the announcement can be found here.

outdoor-ap-masterthumbWhy Outdoor AP’s? Over the past few months, we spoke with dozens of customers and partners who continue to express a very high level of dissatisfaction with legacy Wi-Fi vendor options. As vendors choose to focus on coverage and compromise on capacity (or vice-versa), they often forget that end users mostly care about the “Quality of Experience”. This means the network as a whole must adapt to the user context whenever and wherever they may be. It’s never a point in time fine-tuning exercise. Identifying and diagnosing problematic coverage areas, device originated issues, user initiated errors or impact changing environmental conditions still takes an army of experts and best practice guides. Unfortunately, legacy vendors leave the burden of Wi-Fi optimization and troubleshooting (not to mention, the obscene costs) to IT, or the end user. This makes managing the Wi-Fi network a guessing game at best. Hotels suffer from poor guest reviews and companies lose track of inventory, miss shipping deadlines or suffer declining productivity, due to unrelenting device connectivity issues.

With KodaCloud, IT is able to manage an indoor and outdoor environment from one unified AI powered Expert System, delivering a seamless connectivity and roaming experience between these environments. As such, users never have to switch SSIDs, restart apps (anyone recall those days?) or re-authenticate themselves to what essentially is the same Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, it allows IT to harness real-time network health data and deliver a platform for personalized services, wherever the end user may be. Now warehouses don’t have an excuse for unaccounted inventory or late deliveries. Hotels can wow their guests with personalized services that take the experience to a whole new level.

Some examples where our Outdoor Wi-Fi AP’s delivered as a Cloud Service are a great fit:

  1. Hospitality: Hotels, Managed Properties, Malls, Golf Clubs, Casinos, etc. are increasingly relying on secure and reliable Wi-Fi access to attract and retain clients. Being able to offer a seamless, personalized service when in a lobby, relaxing by the pool, in outdoor conference areas or simply taking a stroll through the facilities is key to improving guest satisfaction and consequently, revenue. It also improves operational efficiency, that translates into better services for guests.
  2. Warehouses: In the digital economy, companies are finding themselves relying more on inventory management, shipping or other supply chain apps that are designed for mobile workers. Short of paying a fortune for cellular LTE service on smartphones, such mobility demands an extremely reliable Wi-Fi network where employees with iPads or PoS devices can roam from aisle to aisle without worrying about sloppy RF signals or dropped connections.
  3. Education: Schools, colleges and universities are rapidly expanding their digital footprint. This means staff needs to communicate across campus using VoIP apps, 24/7 video surveillance and physical security apparatuses must actually work around the clock. Critical student notifications and alerts shouldn’t ever be compromised, and learning content should be accessible anywhere on campus. All of this demands a network that is aware of areas of high and low density, peak and off-peak usage, coverage patterns and “hotspots”. Managing such complexity, while attempting to guarantee a superb QoE is virtually impossible without an AI based Expert System that unifies the indoor and outdoor experience.

KodaCloud is reinventing the enterprise of the future with its AI powered Cloud Service Wi-Fi. A system that focuses on the only thing that matters to customers and partners – an exceptional end user experience – at a fraction of the cost of legacy Wi-Fi solutions. For free trials or a demo, click here. Or attend one of our monthly MSP webinars on how IT-as-a-Service is transforming the network into a revenue and unmatched productivity driving asset.


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