The holidays are upon us. I have no doubt many of us in IT, will seek the next big thing in mobile and wirelessly connected devices. We’ll spiritedly line up at shopping outlets or scramble to lock in online deals. Armed with clever apps, we’ll plan elaborate holiday lunches with family and friends. We’ll gather around our smart devices and watch ball games in high definition, or wirelessly share vacation clips on social networks.

Yes, we’ll connect to the world like never before. Simply using mobile devices and a Wi-Fi network that’s presumably, always-on. And while as users we’ll “check out” of the workplace, that’s precisely when the Proactive Artificial Intelligent network will “check in”. No IT professional should have to sacrifice their holiday to ensure the network is always-on. Yet, sadly many do. So, this year consider a network that watches over you. The IT hero, and gives you a “no worries” holiday experience. A system that eliminates un-actionable alerts and wasted efforts in solving routine network problems, or the hassles of managing remote sites, devices and apps. And most importantly, one that helps you put that dream project into action.

Imagine a network built on 3 solid principles:

  1. Observe and act. Any ordinary network can set off alarms (often false), ruining the holiday season, but a 24×7 monitored, proactive network acts to fix issues well before they manifest themselves as user complaints.
  2. Own the outcome. No more “it’s not my problem” redirects from vendors back to IT. A Proactive network detects anomalies that could likely affect user performance or IT productivity, owns the problem and resolves it. A true Outcome-as-a-Service.
  3. Liberate, not aggravate. A network backed by an Artificial Intelligence system, that is constantly learning to improve end user performance; leaving IT free to focus on launching strategic projects in 2017, versus reacting to panic stricken users.

By 2020, self-driving vehicles will go mainstream and take the stress out of your daily commute. KodaCloud is preparing the autonomous network of the future to take the stress out of Wi-Fi networking and operations. An amazing quality of experience for your users, making 2017 the year that Enterprise Wi-Fi was truly reinvented.

Happy holidays, and wishing you a year filled with hope and peace of mind for IT! From your friends at KodaCloud.

Bernard Herscovici
CEO & Founder


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